BIA Renewables is a Total Solar Solutions Provider.

Newest Products:

Mobile Solar Power Security System
Vertical Solar Power Security System

Welcome to BIA Renewables. We are a Solar Powered Company who believes in helping others realize the needs to make their world better. We work to create Innovative Solar Energy and Applications.

We provide innovative applications with the following types of solar power:

1) Glass Solar Panels
2) Corrugated Metal Solar Panels
3) Laminated Solar Panels
4) Vertical Solar Power (Solar Power On a Pole) This includes:
      Solar Silo (Octagon Shape Solar Panel with the Pole in the Center)
      Solar Tree (72 Solar Panels on a pole capable of 18,000 Watts)
What makes us different is that the customer will have a complete working system with no effort on their part to find the complements to make it work. The “Turn KEY” kit means we provide the complete package, so all you need to do is flip the switch to turn it on.

We offer innovations in Solar Power which include: Corrugated Metal Solar Panels, Laminated Solar Panels, and The Solar Pillar. We also offer the latest in Glass Solar Panels.

We are focused on the Individual and the Single Businesses. We service our customers one at a time with personal attention. We work with Solar Installers, General Contractors, Business Owners, Equipment Manufactures, and Home Owners to satisfy their solar power needs.